About the Program

We apply the knowledge of our understanding in Exercise Physiology and Strength and Conditioning and apply it to the specific demands of the mountains. We test and assess based on the demands of your sport. We test and train priorities such as how you move, your limitations in sport, structural and physiological deficiencies, and prioritize your training plan according to what you need to reach your full potential.

We use an empirically driven system to capture and upgrade what works and what doesn't with the unique demands of your sport. Our mission is to align your training with the exact demands of your sport. We understand that in order to progress in your sport, it requires time and exposure. Whether you are looking to prepare for an upcoming season, working towards the trip of a lifetime, or working past that nagging injury--we have the team to get you there.

Our approach is based on building our interdisciplinary team as your support team. We have sports medicine, physical therapy, massage, nutrition, and of course your coach, who is the creator of your long term plan. All of our professionals work together to make sure you are supported. We believe the Athlete Mindset is at the heart of what encompasses the mountain athlete. We understand the unique demands and believe if you train the mind, the body will follow.

There are plenty of templates out there that generalize “Training for climbers” but we believe you cannot generalize and template true Athlete Development. Each of our athletes are individually designed for. Communication is at the heart of our success. The relationship you develop with your coach is the cornerstone to your long term Athlete Development. To take your experiences in the mountains to the level you desire, start by getting the appropriate training direction. Sign up for you free 20 minute consultation or email.