Nick was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina before moving with his family to Miami, Florida. An interest in photography drew him to San Francisco where he attended art school. In California he discovered an interest in climbing and ultimately split time between the bay area and Yosemite in order to become a professional climbing guide and work for Yosemite Search and Rescue. Nick set world records for speed ascents and completed many first ascents on alpine routes. An alpinist at heart, he has traveled across the globe to places like Baffin Island, the Himalayas and the Alps to pursue his passion. Nick is driven by an evidence based approach to the sport of fitness. He is interested in designing sport-specific coaching and training programs using data collection and testing assessments.

What makes Nick an effective coach is his passion for knowledge in this rapidly evolving field and his ability to synthesize the latest information to create an individual program design that works. During his employment as a Wildland Fire Captain, he was able to restructure physical fitness programs for multiple agencies. He has closely worked with Smokejumpers and Hotshots to create off season training programs and is currently the State of Utah Fire Operation Specialist responsible for the Strength and Conditioning program for all Physical Training. As owner of Massif Athletics in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nick has been implementing individual program designs for multiple Crossfit Games clients and has successfully implemented this model to improve group training programs for other Crossfit affiliates. Nick’s clientele include specific training programs for Special Forces members, skiers, elite climbers, endurance athletes, and competitive CrossFitters.