"Fit for Life is a Group Fitness Program that is both uniquely and smartly programmed. Our program is movement inclusive and all fitness levels are welcome. Functional Fitness is one of the 4 pillars of our program, along with Community, Integrity, and Work Ethic. Our Community especially, is the heart of our program and we understand that it takes a strong and supportive Community for us to thrive. We are always looking to add like minded individuals who are willing to work hard and get into the best mental and physical shape possible. Please see below to get a better idea of the type of movements you could see in any given class.

We are a little obsessed on filling our walls with authentic, good hearted, hard working individuals.

Your workout will be a combination of

High Intensity Circuits

Not everyday, but some!

Core Strength

Abs, fix your back problems, more abs..jk

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Running, Rowing, Biking, Skiing, Sled Pushing, Jump Roping.

Weight Lifting

We want you strong, but nothing that forces injury!

Primal Movement Patterns

Squatting, Pushing, Pulling, Lunging, Hinge & Rotation.

Posture Correction

Walk around pain free and how your grandma told you to.


Be a weekend warrior and never get hurt.

Hard work

Do your best everyday!


If it's not fun, why do it?!