About the Program

Personal Training is a valuable tool to set standards of movement and work ethic from coach to client.

There are a lot of factors that allow an individual to progress and succeed in the gym, one that is often over looked is human connection and support. Our coaches have vast knowledge and education with training, but they also know how important providing tangible support and direction is.

When we add members to Massif in the Personal Training Program, we guide our clients physically and mentally into the progressions of success. We also recognize that our athletes growth ebbs and flows, at one point having the dedication and supervision of a coach is a must for growth, as time evolves our coaches may realized that another program is needed to for the growth of the athlete.

Our athletes are encouraged to experience the benefits of each of our programs, they are not locked into personal training if that is where they choose to begin. Group Functional Fitness training may also be beneficial to progress and growth.