Personal Training

Personal Training is a valuable tool to set standards of movement and work ethic from coach to client.

There are a lot of factors that allow an individual to progress and succeed in the gym, one that is often over looked is human connection and support. Our coaches have vast knowledge and education with training, but they also know how important providing tangible support and direction is.


Exclusive Onsite Coaching

This program is for people who are serious about their long term health and goals. You are designated a coach to write your monthly programming and we provide floor coaches who will run you and push you through you workouts each week. Massif Package Clients also have full access to all Group Functional Fitness Classes..


Group Functional Fitness

Group Functional Fitness is a fitness program that is both uniquely and smartly programmed. Our program is movement inclusive and all fitness levels are welcome. Functional Fitness is one of the 4 pillars of our program, along with Community, Integrity, and Work Ethic.
Our community is the heart of our program and we understand that it takes a strong and supportive community for us to thrive.
We are always looking to add like-minded individuals who are willing to work hard and get into their best mental and physical shape possible.


Teen Training

We believe that more than ever youth need to be shown how to move properly and be encouraged to do so. Youth need to know the importance of being strong and mobile in order to be best prepared for sport competition and wellness. We offer a Teen Strength and Conditioning Class for youth who are looking to get ahead in their specific sport or who are looking for accountability and direction in the gym.


Mountain Sport Athlete

We apply the knowledge of our understanding in Exercise Physiology and Strength and Conditioning and apply it to the specific demands of the mountains. We test and assess based on the demands of your sport. We test and train priorities such as how you move, your limitations in sport, structural and physiological deficiencies, and prioritize your training plan according to what you need to reach your full potential.